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Urban Abo

Very early one morning in a plush Manhattan penthouse, eighteen characters (played by five actors) try to murder enterpreneur extraordinaire Fred Wofford. A wild comedy, URBAN ABO -- a comedy with coincidental ethical content, centers on Fred.

Against a stringent time-frame, Fred is developing the apocryphal island of Mollika into an international resort. To induce Fred to sympathize with the islanders, Pimbo (that island's head priest) prays to his god to turn Fred into a Mollikan. (Yes, an URBAN ABO -- that's short for "aborigine.")

Gradually, we see Fred battle to hold onto his true corporate self as he's transfor-ming into the sensitive, powerful, and shockingly non-Western native that Pimbo wants him to be. And gradually, we see Fred's bankrupt relationship with his family richen.

This broad, physical comedy is populated by a fascinating array of characters including: Marsha, Fred's frustrated wife; Vyto, her punk-rocker lover; her materialistic and bloodless daughter, Jen; her mute, political son -- Eric; their Bouvier de Flandres dog, Puffy; Jen's equally spoiled friends; Cardinal McCormick, head of the Catholic church in New York (featured in our excerpt); Don DiDondon, mafia kingpin; as well as three actors who portray a huge range of vivid characters.

Though ribald and edgy, URBAN ABO argues for human values over property values. It wields a huge range of theatrical devices guaranteed to make you laugh and take you on a wild and (coincidentally) a meaningful journey.
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