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(Sacco-Vanzetti) Vince, Al & Teddy

Set circa 1925, (SACCO-VANZETTI) VINCE, AL & TEDDY revolves around Al and Teddy Capuzzi and their father, Vince -- unassimilated and dedicated to fellow Italian-American anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti. Falsely accused of murder, they endured a seven-year ordeal that polarized the world.

In his late teens, Teddy is trying to fashion a life that meets his own needs -- not those of his paradoxically authoritarian, anarchist father. Al, four years Teddy's junior, is a brilliant and talented young man who battles to contain his father and brother's combustible relationship.

Al knows that his brother doesn't share his father's dream that Teddy will go to college and continue the family tradition of political activism. What Al doesn't know, however, is that Teddy blames Vince for the death of the boys' mother.

(SACCO-VANZETTI) VINCE, AL & TEDDY explores painfully relevant themes. As in our time, the shadow of war and political disquiet made fear the atmosphere and personal liberty a luxury. Also as in our time, anyone too different or foreign caused apprehension. With the Sacco-Vanzetti trial as a backdrop and with their letters as a framing device, the play examines "otherness" in America through the immigrant experience.

This five-actor, two-act play uses the trial of Sacco-Vanzetti as a touchstone and an emblem. It witnesses a young man changing against a dynamic background -- of course, all executed in a highly theatrical way.

Readings by Ensemble Studio Theatre April 2008 and Theatricum Botanicum (LA).
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