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Rare Indulgence

RARE INDULGENCE is a full-length, one-act comedy that explores the place of pleasure in our lives. It centers on food -- with a soupcon of sex thrown in.

In the wealthy suburb of Scarsdale, sixty-ish Dr. Marcus and Jenny Carnoff have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of the succulent and unusual. They're about to write the final chapter in both their pursuit of gustatory pleasure and their unpublished book that chronicles their wild experiences. They're about to eat ortolans.

These birds (most-famously consumed in GIGI) are small songbirds. It's against the law to eat them. Still, this doesn't stop our charming omnivores. The Carnoffs' plans, however, are stymied when their 9 year-old grand-daughter Randy discovers their scheme.

Randy tells her beloved 3rd grade teacher, Miss Shannon Todd. A vegan and passionate animal advocate, the very dry Shannon is very much alone in the world and largely humor-free. Shannon agrees to Randy's demands that she not bring in the authorities, Shannon arranges an interview with the Carnoffs.

Ultimately, Shannon discovers their plans. She demands that they release the birds. The Carnoffs, however, refuse -- and capture Shannon. They eat the birds.

Now they've eaten everything. Almost.

So, they decide to eat the teacher. By the climax, the audience will be surprised and maybe delighted (and maybe even a little disgusted) by who ends up at the top link on this crazy food chain.
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