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Download PDF ExcerptSPEED-THE-CHOW (or POWER LUNCH) is one-act comedy for three actors that in a Mamet-esque way tells a Mamet-esque story about an agent and producer (Glen Gary and Glenn Ross) who meet in Hollywood's hottest bistro in pursuit of that Mamet-esque objective: mammon. Over lunch, their battle for the better end of a deal quickly escalates into something more primal: which will be the Alpha Male. It's a wildly theatrical ride that skewers both the movie industry and (yes) Mamet.

Download PDF ExcerptOne winter night in a New York suburb; 9 year-old Lynda, 11 year-old Melanie, and their mom (Kathy Zimanski) have just switched-off the video of THE LITTLE MERMAID in preparation of sleep. Their father's not yet home -- something not atypical. Melanie asks her mother which sister she'd save if she could only save one and they were DROWNING (the name of this one-set, three-actress play). Of course, Kathy evades this question. Later; when Kathy tells the girls that their father won't be home that night, she learns just how grown-up and how uncomfortably wise they've become. And in this human comedy, the girls learn that nobody is drowning.

21st Century Security
Download PDF Excerpt21st CENTURY SECURITY is the name of both this dark, one-act comedy and the company whose representative's sales-visit to Jasmine and Greg Deever's suburban home is the play's central event. But these are no ordinary times; 21st CENTURY SECURITY is no ordinary security company; and Cliff Oscar, no ordinary salesman. In the course of Cliff's zealous pitch, the Deevers learn just how dear the price of security can be. Featured production of the Deland Theatre Festival (2008).

The Goldberg Nose Variations
Download PDF ExcerptIn THE GOLDBERG NOSE VARIATIONS, how to treat the Goldberg family (a family of four described as having the planet's greatest single concentration of nose meat) threatens the cosmetic surgery partnership of Dr. J. Whitney Christian and Dr. Carla Capozzi. As they grapple with issues of aesthetics, conformity, ethnic identity, anti-semitism, and sexism; the play explodes in dark comedy. And we discover that neither doctor is exactly who he/she seems.
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