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MIA (Missing In Action)

It's now, somewhere in rural Ohio. The well-respected insurance salesman and pillar of the community Frank Schooler is about to be named the VFW's Committee on MIAs "Man of the Year." His wife, two surviving children (Randy, 19; Maura, 33), and best-friend (Kenny Bryce -- an African-American a few years younger than Frank's 63 and of a far different political bent) are rightfully proud of this recognition and looking forward to the high-profile banquet and presentation.

The main impetus for Frank's work on the part of MIAs is that his oldest son -- Capt. Michael Schooler -- was lost in Operation Desert Shield (1991). Now; Frank's younger son, Randy, has been entertaining enlisting himself.

Frank is torn -- understanding Randy's desire to serve his country; agonized by the possibility of losing his remaining boy. Mixing comedy and drama; MIA features worthwhile, charming people pursuing human goals. In this time of war, MIA asks questions that we're all facing -- and offers compelling, engaging answers.

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