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Beyond the Sea

Based on a classic novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett set in the 1890s, BEYOND THE SEA (book/lyrics by Robinson and music by Howard Marren) follows the remarkable adventures of Ceddie Errol. Just before WW I, a series of coincidences transforms this engaging nine year-old American boy into Little Lord Fauntleroy and the future Earl of Dorincourt.

The melodic score propels this story of this special boy with the power to touch and inspire all around him. Largely set in England and the fabulous Dorincourt Castle and grounds, the story's other central character is Ceddie's curmudgeonly grandfather. He has twin objectives: teach the boy what it takes to be a ruthless ruler of men and to wrest control of the boy's life from his mother -- an American whom he irrationally blames for his son's death. By the play's end, the would-be teacher learns life's most valuable lesson.

This full musical comedy has the dramatic and lyric sophistication to appeal to an adult audience and the humor and simple humanity to appeal to the entire family. Also available is a demo CD which features Carolee Carmello, Jerry Lanning, and a young Paul Dano.
Listen to Select Songs from BEYOND THE SEA
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Never Give In
Performed by David Lloyd Watson, Amy Braverman & Paul Dano
Dance Until The Dawn
Performed by Carolee Carmello & Sal Viviano
Cherish The Child
Performed by Peter Samuel & Sal Viviano
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Beyond the Sea
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