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Another Vermeer
Another Vermeer

ANOTHER VERMEER is based on real events. This intermission-free play is set in both the highly charged climate of post-WW II Europe and the fascinating mind of its central character -- Han van Meegeren. A Dutch artist/art dealer, the charming sociopath Han is arrested for selling a Vermeer masterpiece to Nazi Reich Marshal Hermann Goering -- a crime punishable by death.

Han's defense is that in fact he's not a traitor. Rather, he's a forger. Locked in a cell (the play's single set), Han battles to paint a new, old Vermeer that will prove his assertion and save his life. This award-winning play is peppered with comedy, but ANOTHER VERMEER is propelled by Han's deadly serious battle not just to escape execution but to justify his existence.
Winner of the Berrilla Kerr Playwriting Award, and a Eugene O'Neill finalist. Produced by ABINGDON THEATRE, starring Austin Pendleton and directed by Kelly Morgan, and at THEATRE 40, featuring James Sloyan. Workshopped at HB PLAYWRIGHTS THEATRE starring Pendleton and directed by William Carden.

Austin PendletonThe Critics Rave...

"In 'Another Vermeer' at Theatre 40, authenticity clashes with perception, with often engrossing results. Bruce J. Robinson's ambitious drama about a Dutch art dealer painting for his life in post-WWII Amsterdam raises intriguing questions about personal integrity and artistic courage... its central themes have noteworthy resonance."
-- David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times

"Bruce J. Robinson's 'Another Vermeer' proves that thinking can be as dangerous as a street fight. By blending actual history with thundering speeches on the purpose of art, the playwright gives mortal consequences to rhetorical arguments. With that kind of urgency, you don't have to agree with the play to be excited by it." Read Full Review...
-- Mark Blankenship, Variety

"Robinson's well-constructed script... does a wonderful job of embodying the compulsion to create. The script is the real thing, an original, richly reasoned work that would benefit from a more exalted setting."
-- Sandy MacDonald, EDGE New York City

"'Another Vermeer' offers sharp observations about the nature of art... It is an intellectually stimulating play, with a surprisingly honest emotional payoff."
-- J.B. Spins

"Pitch-perfect acting augments sharp wit and eloquent debates of authenticity, criticism, politics, and artistic genius, leaving one chuckling but struck to the core, ruminating on the nature of creativity."
-- Joyce Korotkin, Flavorpill

"No need to troll the imagination for dramatic elements when treason is the subject. Plot, motivation, and the threat of execution naturally propel the story forward. Throw in an artist as protagonist, drugs, war, and forgery and the interest quotient hits the bell. Based on a riveting historical incident, 'Another Vermeer,' by Bruce J. Robinson, incorporates all of these elements, often with clever dialogue and some fine performances."
-- Jo Ann Rosen,

"Robinson's clever play blends Han's fantasies with reality and raises provocative questions about art and authenticity." Read Full Review...
-- John Simon,

"Bruce J. Robinson's 'Another Vermeer' may be the most literate play I have seen this year."
-- Paulanne Simmons, New York Theatre Wire

"Who is this little man... an artist, a forger, a traitor, or a genius? What was his character? A sociopath, a drug user, a coward, or just an opportunist whose time has come? These are the questions, all to be answered in the World Premier of Bruce J. Robinson's remarkable play, 'Another Vermeer'"
-- Joan Pine, The Beverly Hills Outlook
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